"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL has the best football action I have ever seen in a movie—and I have seen a lot of great football movies over the years! Coaches, players, parents, and fans are all going to stand up and cheer for this powerful film."
Bobby Bowden, Retired Florida State head football coach

"Watching When the Game Stands Tall really brings to light that while winning is our job as coaches, it's not the most important thing. You see real-life situations in this movie: young men having to overcome problems on the field and off the field. As coaches, helping our players become better men and women is the most important thing we can do."
Tony Dungy, Super Bowl-winning coach and All Pro Dad spokesman

"This is an excellent movie with universal coaching principles that start with 'team'."
Marc Trestman, Head Coach, Chicago Bears

"Great, inspiring, real movie about the platform and power a coach has to instill character into young men."
Les Steckel, President/CEO, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

"I would recommend the movie WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL to anyone, whether they follow sports or not. Good character is in short supply these days, and this film shows a compelling picture of what attractive character looks like when the pressure is on."
Mark Householder, President, Athletes in Action

“WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a wonderful film to watch together as a family. It is a story of hope, and triumph based on a winning strategy that is inseparable from solid values and character formation. There is a lesson for all of us in the deep insights of this film into the importance of keeping successes and setbacks in the proper perspective—and growing from both.”
Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a powerful, faith-filled movie that will inspire everyone who sees it. My hope is dads will discover—like Coach Lad does in the movie—that true success begins at home."
Mark Merrill, President, Family First; author, All Pro Dad

"In a day and age when the meaning of family is being redefined, this movie reminds us what a true family is all about. There were times during the movie that I could actually smell the locker room, I went to wipe the sweat off, and I felt the pain of a losing game. There were other moments when I wiped a tear and suddenly wanted to stand, cheer and fight again. What a tremendous way to kick off the school year."
Jay Strack, Founder and President, Student Leadership University

"When I saw WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL, I thought of a great outline of what high school athletics should be. It shouldn’t be about the statistics, it shouldn’t be about the touchdowns—it should be about the team and the effort that a team puts forth together."
Amani Toomer, Super Bowl champion and former De La Salle receiver

"This movie confirms why I wanted to be a football coach! The most compelling thing I got from WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL was the lasting impact a coach can have with his players! Coach Ladouceur might be the perfect model for this goal! He always demanded commitment and integrity and then the wins will come. Not sure there is a better role model for young athletes or aspiring coaches than this man! Absolutely awesome story! This is what our country and young people need as examples!"
Scott Linehan, Passing Game Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is the ultimate testament to the relationships between coaches and players and how the game of football mirrors life. This movie speaks specifically to a great man, wonderful teacher, extraordinary program and a family who made many sacrifices to find solid ground. No matter the wins or losses, the journey propels us to be better every day."
Derek Mason, Vanderbilt University Head Football Coach

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a highly inspirational story that tugs at the heartstrings. It's a must-see movie about teamwork, perseverance, and purpose that will be tremendously enjoyable for athletes, coaches, and sports fans of all ages."
Bill Blankenship, Head Football Coach, The University of Tulsa

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a remarkable movie. It's a dynamic story that left me even more inspired as a coach. The messages were straightforward and fitting for today's athlete. I can't wait to see it again with my family."
Van Malone, Cornerbacks Coach, Oklahoma State University

"In a time that most football coaches and teams commit to merely an outcome, it is refreshing to see Coach Ladouceur and De La Salle commit to the Journey of turning boys into men. WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL stands alone as the most inspiring football movie I've ever seen."
Brodie Croyle, Former NFL and Alabama quarterback

"I highly recommend this outstanding, impactful film. This movie will strike a chord with every father, son, coach, mentor, or anyone interested in addressing the issues that Millennials face in our culture today."
Chad Hennings, Former Air Force Fighter Pilot, Three-Time Super Bowl Champion, Founder of Wingmen Ministries

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is more than just another sports movie. It's an inspiring, heart-warming film that shows the impact that one man's life, leadership, vision and faith can have on society. Actor Jim Caviezel brilliantly portrays legendary high school football coach Bob Ladouceur in WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL; an instant sports classic film!"
Mike Sweeney, 5-time MLB All-Star

"A great movie in terms of what I knew as an athlete and saw as an athlete."
Jerry West, NBA Hall of Famer

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is an emotional and uplifting movie of the true meaning brotherhood, teamwork, and growing up. Coach Lad, played by Jim Caviezel, has done an extraordinary job of helping young boys become men. WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a must see!"
Jeff Suppan, Former Major League Baseball player, and World Series Champion

As a coach and former NFL player, this film transcends any sport film in the past decade. The adversity and triumphs of the streak resonate strength, fortitude, and passion—traits we as coaches strive for in our athletes and staffs. WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a refreshing film that young athletes in today's complex world of sport will come away with the primary criterion is not just athletic excellence or victory but moral virtue and character."
Jack Del Rio, Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL touched me in many ways, as a wife of a coach and mother of a quarterback, that at times we must surrender to our own inclinations to reap the harvest of grace and feel the presence of God in His pure and perfect love. This beautiful film shows that crosses borne patiently allow us to reap rewards eternally. The true story shows there is more to life than winning the game, what is more important is the soul of the young athlete with his mighty platform in sport."
Linda Del Rio

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to view the movie WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL. As a player, you will long to have the opportunity to be involved in a program like that. The responsibility and accountability of the players was amazing. As a coach, the leadership, motivation, and character he displays should encourage coaches and leaders all over to strive for the same.:
Tim Brown, 1987 Heisman Trophy winner

"It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a movie so much. WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL has a message far deeper than winning and losing football games. This true story reveals what it really means to succeed beyond a win/loss record. As a mother of ten children who have all been involved in sports, I found this movie to be both gripping and uplifting."
Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic author

"This movie is a must see for everyone. Not just about football, but about life, faith and overcoming obstacles to pull together."
Tamika Catchings, WNBA Star, Catch the Stars Foundation

"As a coach, WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL has everything you want in a movie, including incredible football action and powerful life lessons. Best of all, it's inspired by an amazing true story of a coach who set a seemingly impossible winning record! WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a must-see for every team and every person!"
John Gagliardi, Saint John's University, Winningest College Football Coach in History

"This is an excellent story of how football is a vehicle to manhood when coached by good men."
David Bervig, Head Football Coach, The Classical Academy (Colorado Springs)

"When teams come together to start a new season, coaches are always looking for ways to build unity and togetherness. This film addresses many of the issues young athletes face in today's ultra-competitive environment. I would definitely recommend every coach takes their team to see this movie!"
Tommy Bowden, Former Clemson University head football coach

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a great football movie and so much more. This is a feel-good movie that will inspire you for all the right reasons."
Carey Casey, CEO, National Center for Fathering

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is great storytelling and acting at its peak. As someone who works with coaches to help them implement a virtue-development program for their athletes, I couldn't be more thrilled with Coach Ladouceur's story being told in such a dynamic way. A must see for all sports teams of any level!"
Dwight Stephenson, President, SportsLeader

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is an inspiring movie with the ironic message that the most important lesson to be learned from 151 straight victories is that there is so much more than winning at all costs! The marvelous story of Coach Bob Ladouceur and the De La Salle High School football team is a must-see for players and coaches of all sports."
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, Diocese of Springfield, Illinois
Author of Holy Goals for Body and Soul: Eight Steps to Connect Sports with God and Faith; Chairman, Episcopal Advisory Board, Catholic Athletes for Christ

“Inspiring, moving and motivating! When the Game Stands Tall is a gut-check for the soul, forcing us to ask ourselves whether we are merely breathing or truly living. When the Game Stands Tall strikes a chord of the heart with a note that resounds and carries. Finally, a ‘sports’ film even my wife will love. I can’t wait to share this movie with my family—it’s a feel-good story for the ages, reminding us of all that is right in sports … and, more importantly, in the human spirit. ”
Mark Hart, Executive Vice President, Life Teen International

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL does a wonderful job of showing how sports teaches us not just how to be a better athlete, but even more importantly how to be a better person. Whether you are an athlete, coach, or fan, it will remind you that sports is not just about games and accomplishments, coaching is as much about building character as it is honing athletic skill, and how we play on the field reflects who we are off the field. I highly recommend this film."
Fr. J.D. Jaffe, Priest Advisor for Catholic Athletes for Christ

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is impactful, convincing, and deeply moving. Through cinematic recreation, football collides with real life and as a result the human spirit is challenged to reach greater heights. This film reveals that success is not measured just by wins and loses but also values gained and lessons learned. Coach Bob Ladouceur and his juggernaut football program at De La Salle High will bring you to an authentic understanding of what it takes to be a winner on and off the field."
Ron Meyer, Creator and host of Blessed 2 Play, EWTN Radio

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a wonderful story about the impact transformational coaches have on the lives of young men and women. As Coach Lad reminds his Spartans in the movie, winning on the field isn't the ultimate goal ... winning in life is everything—because life is a team sport. This film is a big-time winner!"
Joe Ehrmann, Coach For America

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL offers something for everyone. Like Hoosiers and Remember The Titans, this is a great sports movie and much more. In life's great moments, and even in the midst of some of its most challenging, we see how a group of committed people, with a great goal, can work together to become more than they could have ever dreamed. This is true in sports and it is true in life. Go see this film, and bring your friends and your family."
Curtis Martin, CEO & Founder of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is not only inspiring, but relevant. You do not have to be an avid football fan to get the message that this great movie is trying to convey. This movie will be played in thousands of locker rooms for years to come! I give WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL my full endorsement!!"
Kevin Dyson, former Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver; Athletic Director, Stewarts Creek High School (Tenn.)

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is an inspiring movie that shows the true bond between athletes. A must see!"
Brian Folkerts, Carolina Panthers center

"Football can teach so many life lessons and the movie WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL embodies all of the values that one should learn through sport and competition. A MUST SEE!"
Chris Watt, San Diego Chargers guard

"I loved this movie—it was one of the better high school football movies I've seen in a long time, not just because of the real 'live' football scenes and game like action, but the underlining theme of coaching young boys to be men: champions off the field as well as on. Take your entire family and be ready to be inspired by more than winning football games."
Neil Lomax, former NFL quarterback

"This is an inspirational true story that leaves you thinking about the way we should all live our lives."
Anthony Trucks, President, Trucks Training, former NFL safety

"This is a great film. It will be very inspirational for all individuals who see it."
Charles Johnson, Cleveland Browns wide receiver

"Great movie! Wish I could have been in it!"
Steven Johnson, Denver Broncos linebacker

"Best movie of 2014!"
Eric Green, Former Arizona Cardinals cornerback

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a powerful story of staying true to who you are when the expectations of others are screaming at you. It inspired me to always pursue being the man God called me to be and not be defined by what the world calls success."
Clint Gresham, Seattle Seahawks long snapper

"This movie has the most realistic in-game football scenes yet, and the adaptation sticks to the real-life script. It's an authentic look at sports' most impressive streak. It's also the perfect way to start football season."
Bill Bender, Sporting News college football writer

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a sports drama that goes beyond the sidelines, straight into the heart of every human being. Finding what is lost through great wins, and experiencing the joy of discovering victory through incalculable loss, allows this film to transcend the clichéd ‘moral of the story’ sports flick. This one will grab your heart, not letting go until you feel better about who people can become; indeed about who you can become. You don't go to see this one; you go to feel it."
Pastor Brett Fuller, Grace Covenant Church, Chaplain Washington Redskins

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a movie that reminds us that sports are a great vehicle to impact the lives of individuals. As sports professionals, we have an obligation to engage, empower, and enhance the lives of the athletes we encounter. This great movie demonstrates the strong character virtues of love and compassion needed to make a difference in the lives of people."
Jamil Northcutt, Ph.D., Cleveland Browns Director, Player Engagement

"Very entertaining, I will take my players to see it."
Lazarus Morgan, Utica College assistant coach

"When the Game Stands Tall is a great story about human spirit and building men."
Jeff Ramsey, University of Puget Sound defensive coordinator

"Inspiring! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and your heart will soar—guaranteed! WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is a must-see movie!"
Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle EWTN TV host, speaker, and author

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL isn't just a great football movie—it has a higher purpose. I appreciate the Christian principles that are presented, packaged in a great story with strong acting performances and high production value. This is a winner."
Chuck Bentley, CEO, Crown Financial / Crown.org

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is far more than a football movie—it's a playbook for life. Inspirational, gripping and vastly entertaining, this film will leave you motivated to give your best for all the right reasons. See it with your entire family and leave ready to make our world a better place."
Lisa Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of The Grace of Yes

"As someone who works with athletes across the country, I was thrilled to see this story told in such a dynamic way. I look forward to using it to help remind athletes the value in competing, and that the value is tremendous if we get the vision right."
Thomas Wurtz, Director of Varsity Catholic

"A great family film, sports film and date film, WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL has a message which will impact a wide audience. I'll be proud to share it with my own family!"
Kathy Schiffer, Blogger, "Seasons of Grace"

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL fleshes out themes of loyalty, selflessness, friendship, and grief that will resonate with audiences."
Lori Hadacek Chaplin, Catholic Digest Writer

"Truly inspiring is just not adequate to describe the best football 'man-heart' movie I've seen. Anyone needing a life change to not only football but real life this is a must see. Hands down."
John Croyle, Author; Founder Big Oak Ranch; Former Alabama Football Player under Paul "Bear" Bryant

"This movie is a how-to clinic on walking the talk about character! This action-packed movie will really ‘Pump You Up!’ In a morally dehydrated generation, this movie hydrates and saturates the viewer with lessons about character and courage, brotherhood and team. It is packed full of energetic, heart-wrenching, teachable moments that consume the entire audience."
Greg Tyler, Houston Texans Team Pastor

"WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL is an outstanding film about teamwork and unselfishness."
Craig Domann, Co-Founder of Domann & Pittman football agency and high school football coach

"This movie is very inspirational and emotional and shares some important lessons about team, family, commitment, and love."
Eric Warfield, Former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback

"This movie is awesome and inspirational. It has important messages like putting character and team above personal achievements."
Drew Pittman, Co-Founder of Domann & Pittman football agency, Author of First Team Dad

"This is a great movie that shows great life lessons, like 'team first,' that can be learned through the game of football."
Tony Veland, Former Denver Broncos defensive back